Creates and sendes yours newsletter in little second ones.
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You enroll yourself to the newsletter and always will be modernized on the more important innovation than Mailing Express. In beyond you will receive the link free of charge in order to download all the new versions of the software.
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Downloads the free version of Mailing Express. You will be able to use without time and functionality limits. You will be able to send until 30 messages for time.

Last release: 2.0
The video guides will show to you like using Mailing Express at best. Between some minute you will already succeed to create and to send newsletter.
Adding recipients; Opening mailing list; Shipment messages.
Creation new message with Outlook Express.
Adding account; Import mailing list and rescue; Selection account sender; Formulation pause; Beginning and interruption shipment.
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Buy now the version Professional of Mailing Express. Such version will allow you to create and to send newsletter without amount limits.
Acquiring a licence of Mailing Express Professional version you will have straight to download and to use free of charge all the new release modernized of the software.
This solution will guarantee Your investment and it will more guarantee You of having always the modernized version than Mailing Express without no additional cost.
Mailing Express is the simplest and fast software for the management and the shipment of newsletter.
Thanks to its simple and intuitiva graphical interface you will begin from endured to work obtaining splendid turns out to us to you.

Perfectly compatible with the Microsoft® products, Mailing Express will allow you to load the messages created with Outlook Express and to send them to the mailing list.

Important characteristics:
  1. Email in format HTML or only text.
  2. Email with images and attacheds.
  3. No limit in the number of recipients of the mailing list.
  4. Shipment messages also without I use it of Server SMTP.
  5. Import mailing list from database, file of text, Outlook Express and Microsoft® Outlook®.
  6. Rescue lists for successes sendes.
  7. Result in real time of the shipment of the newsletter.